One Thousand

One Thousand

Well, this break from the norm marks my 1000th post on 'mooch'.

Looking back at some of my first images I think that my photography (as with any art) has improved. That does not mean that I feel I am knocking out masterpiece after masterpiece (as I'm sure you will attest) but I do at least get a sense of achievement.

Over these past three years I have seen many fellow bloggers disappear in this unrelenting cycle of the fad, so I am very proud to have continued to shoot and post (some times at erratic intervals, granted) over this time. My enjoyment of photography has not waned and the only cross I bear is quite how quickly images mount up on my hard drive. This I must confess does overwhelm and frustrate. I still prefer exploring the landscape around me and capturing the images to the rather laborious (and increasingly so over the past few months) task of post processing.

So, here's to many (many!) more years of photography and sharing our experiences. Thank you one and all for visiting, wherever in the world you might be!

I did have to ponder over the tutorial a few times to achieve this image but I'm sure that anyone familiar with PS could achieve this in under 5 minutes. Try it out for yourself!