I must say, of all the signs I see around Oxford (Keep Off The Grass, Private, No Entry) this is one I always welcome.

This is an experimentation as can be guessed. I like the strength of the contrast but must confess I find the selection process rather frustrating. I actually only wished to select the "red" but the "magic wand" was not allowing this. Then, once the image was converted I could not "healing brush" out the red just to the fore and below the sign. Still, it is my first attempt and it has entertained (this past 45 mins, ho-hum). Any tips?

Also, as an aside, this font and the italic writing is now beginning to grate on my nerves. Can anyone change this for me? I think it will assist us all in our viewing pleasure.

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays everyone. My personal thought now is that perhaps my DoF should have been a little deeper to highlight the lichen. I thought the berries should be centred otherwise they would look relegated and a little less relevant to the image. I like the colours, I think I could have worked harder on the composition. A quick note to blue, I saw your haiku but I am not registered to 360 degrees. I thought it was brilliant. Mine isn't so good and I feel the metering is wrong but here it is:

The golden hour

Darkness falling on balmy days

A reminder of winter to come.

Not a patch on yours. I think it should be syllables of 5, 7, 5. Correct? Did you enjoy writing it? I find the minimalism a bit of a challenge. Been busy of late but will be doing more as soon as I get an afternoon spare.