At Play #3

At Play #3

With a flourish, yes, I believe it's game over.

Mark made the following point about my recent child images:

Hmm...well Tobias, I'm not usually one for being PC and all that but to be honest I'd feel uncomfortable about taking a photograph of a stranger's child and publishing it on the internet. If I was in town with my son and I spotted you taking photographs of him...well, let's just say you'd have some explaining to do ;-)

and this was my reply:

An amusing point made about the current image and I agree society has meant capturing the innocence of childhood seedy. I agree with you, were she my child, I would go mental and I was conscious of this. As Emma said, it's because we are together that this isn't being frowned upon. What I will say is that when her father realised we were photographing her he seemed to take pride in this and played for longer.

It's all about perception I suppose. My thoughts are, she's fully clothed, in a public place, what is the danger/threat.

As viewers of this site, what are your thoughts?