Wittenham Clumps

Wittenham Clumps

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So there is a little story behind these and the forthcoming images. For a start, shooting a sunset never fails to give a kaleidoscope of colours in a very short space of time. Really magnificent. Just wish I could make the sky look a little less flat and open up some more. Create depth of sky versus cloud.

So, opposite my house is a field that rises up towards the horizon at a steady gradient. Crops are there but there is little to look at because they are just shoots.

One evening, I look out my bedroom window and spy this sunset and decide to trek to the top to capture it. The field is pretty big and I don't expect it to stretch out much further. Well, I eventually hit the apex and I have mud as a big rim around my shoes (like snow shoes). I eagerly look across for the sunset. Yet, the field plateau's out and goes on quite some distance. The scene before me was quite somethng...

...not far ahead to my left, two hares are chasing one another (about 50 yards away) and to the right are four doe eyed deer looking at me. I tell you, it was like Watership Down. Weird to think all that goes on just out of sight. It was like we were sharing this little world together. The hares soon disappeared but the deer hung around for a while and at one stage move nearer to me. Eventually they got spooked and ran off. Still they kept me company for about half an hour just a little too far for my 75-300mm.

Shot from the same locale as "Rain Band". Amazing the vantage point you can get from just one elovated field.