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I think this is a little too dark. Oh someone wondered if it would be noticed if a box was moved. I think that was the first thing I tried and they are well and truly glued together.

Some interesting links for you. I suggest you read the first to see if your interpretation is the same as that of the artist:

About "Embankment"

Installation Video

To pick up on both Keith's and SteveO's comments of yesterday. SteveO, as this is a current installation it does tend to pop up rather alot, check this one I rather like Mike's take on it.

As for the pretense. I once dated a girl studying fine art at Winchester. What I wish to touch upon regarding most of the art in major - modern art - galleries of today is the fact that it can never stand alone, rather, it has to be justified. My opinion of this is thus. If you have a good way with words, then I feel you can create anything, no matter how dubious, and present it as art. This ex could not do anything "pretty" (a country scene, beautiful sky etc) because it was seen almost as, too base. Too straight forward. It had to be deep and meaningful. The meaning for me comes from the appreciation of the work on it's own merits and I try to view all work for a good while before reading the "justification" posted by the artist. My take anyway, rightly or wrongly.

As for my work, I tend to try and just post a title and little more. I wish the image to stand alone. I sometimes wonder if this doesn't engage you, the viewer enough. Again, perhaps I should, perhaps I shouldn't.