This lichen was found on an old oak tree, its unsuccessful acorns forlornly lying on the ground at its base.

If you don't ask, you don't get. So it was I found myself "juror" for Moody Monday's theme "unknown".

I don't wish to to use anymore cliches (it was a tough decision, it was very close) but judgng the entries (once I was past the usual dross/totally irrelevant submissions) was not at all straight forward and getting down to those that have subsquently been posted took a long while. At one stage I got so frustrated that I went for a walk to think it over.

When making a judgement I took into account: originality, how true to the theme the image was and of course the actual skill involved in achieving the shot. I particulary bore in mind quite how much it would mean to me to be chosen and the sense of achievement I would subsequently feel. What in my usual convoluted style I'm trying to say is that I took this deadly serious.

I hope I did Moody Monday justice and that those of you reading this agree with my choices.

I felt I gave a little back to our community.