The image isn't perfect, for me it's the burnt highlights (a pet hate) but this really is a typical Paddy gait.

Ah, cats. They never cease to amuse. They really don't. A few weeks ago, I walked alongside this field of wheat. I live in the countryside for just this. To enjoy the peace and tranquility of a rural landscape but also to witness first hand, the passing of one season into another. The crop is turning slightly golden but has another month to go before it is harvested (so I have been told).

Now, the two cats Paddy and Whisky are not mine and so usually don't feel comfortable following me (like heavily clawed dogs) into the field (as they do with my housemate). So it was fun to observe, padding not too far behind, first one and the other.

After a while Paddy, the big black one decided he had gone far enough, plonked himself down and mewed his dissent. Whisky was farther back, trying to eek out any form of mammal unwise enough to cross his path. Much mewing later, I relented and headed back.

Then I had an idea and strolled into the wheat along one of the tracks left by the tractor. As soon as they lost sight of me, both started to whine but after a while first one, then another, followed me in. You have not seen anything funnier (or slightly spooky) than looking down upon corn that streaks with movement as two cats are chasing one another.

So this image was taken while I attempted to show my housemate what they get up to. Cats act regal 90% of the time but with a little bit of the unknown combined with their curiousity and you get quite a laugh.