Dropped By

Dropped By

This is an infamous image from Oxford. It took me two separate attempts to obtain this shot and I am still not certain I am all that pleased. The light (as is obvious) is behind the subject. Fully aware of the this I used the shark to cover the sun but it still meant that the foreground was a little under exposed. Glad I took it though.

The right to have this installed in the roof was quite a saga. I was fortunate that whilst taking this an old lady walked up to the little gate and closed it. It seemed prudent to assume that she would know the occupant and a little history (she did in fact say she had 10 lever arch files regarding this).

The house is owned by Bill Heine who is a DJ on BBC Radio Oxford. The shark was contested by the council for about ten years. It went back and forth between various departments until eventually, the right to leave it there having been rejected by a majority of one. It didn't end there and actually went to London and the Houses of Parliment. Presiding over the planning committee at the time was Michael Heseltine. It was deemed necessary for people to write in with their views for and against and basically make a case. One objection by the council was that it would startle drivers who would crash. Being a man I would say then perhaps all beautiful women should be banned from the roadside. The long and short; they fell on the side of the shark and it has been there ever since. Apparently Heseltine was quite taken by it.In order to remain it has to adhere to three rules

  1. He has to clean it every nine months
  2. The original colour cannot be changed
  3. The spotlight (never knew it had one) has to be off at 10:30pm

Bill Heine went to the same Oxford college as Bill Clinton. One newspaper commented on how different things could have been were Bill Heine to become president, with an image of the Whitehouse to illustrate.